Aliraza Surati, Football player, Tanzania, Africa – KNEE : ACL surgery

I had undergone an ACL reconstruction surgery on 18-12-2013 with a tendon graft from my hamstring. The most interesting part of my surgery was I am talking with surgeon Dr.Deliwala and watching my surgery live on screen throughout the whole operation.

I chose to take a spinal anesthesia so that I could catch a glimpse of my Operation. The doctor quoted “the prick is nothing more than a mosquito bite” . It simply numbed my lower body for 6 hours.”

The aftermath of the surgery was that the surgeon gone me a discharge within 24 hours and 5 days later physical therapist manage me to walk me freely with support stick and 90 degree knee bending.

My soul is filled with gratitude , Dr.Ujjval Deliwala that he offered me an assist to this ‘running world’ again.

Mr.ALIRAZA SURATI , AGE : 19 , PO BOX . 1060,


Wrote on 01/01/2014.