A.C.L Reconstnction (Cruciate Ligament injury))

I had ligament injury about 7 years back and confirment as ACL injury and operated with Arthroscopic surgery by Dr. Ujjval Deliwala. I was actually little scared about the result and all but Dr. Deliwala assured me that its not big deal and will be alright within 5-6 months. My surgery done on 27th Feb.,2012. It was nothing as I scared. In one month itself, was able to work without a walker. Then the physiotherapy started. In three months, I was back to normal. I hereby say my heartfull thanks to Dr. Deliwala, for the help he offered in being me back to my normal lifestyle.

-Jimmy Jacob (Kerala)
(Site supervisior at Rajula-Mahuva) (Age:30)

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