Worldwide as Teamwork


The Team Work : Orthopedic Trauma Surgeons, Sports medicine Specialists and Physiotherapists at HSS : Hospital Sao Sebasito ,Porto,Pourtugal,2010
Worked As one of team member as Research Fellow during ‘ICS Cartialge Clinical Fellowship’ at OASI Bioresearch Foundation @ Milano, Italy, 2015.
As Team of  Young Investigator for ISAKOS award 2019 @ Mexico, North America.
Learning in team Sports Injury management principles mainly Football Knee injuries along with Prof. William Clancy ( AOSSM Godfather) & Prof.Espeguiera Mendes at Sports Injury Clinic situated inside Dragon Stadium, Porto,Portugal, 2010
 Meta-analysis done as Teamwork and booklet published  At Hyderabad  12th Oct., 2014- 13th Annual conf. of   Indian Arthroscopy Society(IAS)., with INDIAN research Mentors
 First Stem Cell surgery for Knee Cartilage injury in Sauratra, 2012 – with Team Sterling Hospital, Bhavangar.
As one of Team Members during Best video technique presentation at ‘International Congress of Arthroscopy & Sporst Medicince’ – CASM -2012 at Jaipur
From Very beginning ( 2009) – getting full support and Warm atmosphere to work this relatively new branch of Orhtopedic – Arthroscopy in Bhavangar – with BOS ( Bhavnagar Orthopaedic Society ) Team -team Member of ‘Sports  Medicine’  - Working along With ‘Sports Injury physiotherapists & Orthopaeidc Surgeon at Rajkot during ‘Sports Injury Awareness Programme’. - 2013
Worked at Organizing Committee Team Member for National conference of CCT – in Bhavnagar, 2015 – learned a lot to work in team with Orthopedic Surgeons & Seniors.
Part of Scientific Team for Staate  Level Congress with Arthroscopic Colleagues & Seniors for arranging various Academic sessions, Surat 2019.
Our Hospital Team – having Family atmosphere to work together for betterment of Our patients – Celebrating events.