Invited as National faculty @ For Knee Arthroscopy ‘Basic to Advance workshop’ on 1st May 2022. @ Rajkot.

Regardless of how the ACL is torn, your physician will work with you to determine a personalized course of treatment. People participating in sports or work related activities that require a lot of pivoting, cutting, or jumping may decide to have surgery. Depending on your lifestyle, however; conservative treatment may be the best option. In the case of an isolated ACL tear with no other ligamentous or cartilage involvement, the associated pain and dysfunction can be successfully treated with physical therapy.

The initial course of treatment in physical therapy includes rest, anti-inflammatory measures and activity modification. After the swelling resolves and normal range of motion and strength is achieved, a decision between you and your physician can be made to determine further treatment options. If a non-surgical approach is chosen, it is imperative to maintain the strength, balance, and range of motion you gained in physical therapy to avoid further injury. At this juncture, many people elect to use a sports brace and limit their participation in activities that require a lot of pivoting, cutting or jumping. If conservative measures are unsuccessful and recurrent buckling persists, you and your physician may elect to have the ACL reconstructed.

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